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Internationally-recognized quality. Round-the-clock availability. Unrivalled range of aftermarket engine parts. A selective range of non-engine parts.

We stock a large range of KMP-Brand replacement engine parts suitable for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Perkins applications. We also selectively offer a high-quality range of non-engine parts under our in-house Europa Brand. New products are constantly being added to the KMP range to meet the demands of the market. Our inventory caters to engines from old to new, small to large, and our parts can be used on excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, trucks, motor graders and generators.


Engine Parts

Cylinder block, head & components

• Cylinder block
• Cylinder head
• Piston cooling nozzle
• Engine valves
• Valve guides
• Valve inserts
• Valve springs
• Valve mechanism components
• Rocker arm components

Piston & liner kit

• Liner
• Pistons
• Piston rings
• Piston pin
• Circlips
• Connecting rods

Crankshafts & camshafts components

• Crankshaft (forged)
• Camshafts
• Front & rear seals
• Push rods
• Tappets

Engine bearings & bushings

• Main bearings
• Thrust washers
• Connecting rod bearings
• Conrod bushings
• Camshaft bushings

Fuel system parts

• Fuel injectors & nozzles
• Fuel priming pumps
• Glow plugs
• Fuel lines

Cooling & Lubrication systems

• Water pumps
• Thermostats
• Engine oil pumps
• Engine oil coolers
• Cooler covers
• Belt tensioners
• V-belts


• Turbocharger assemblies
• Turbo cartridges & CHRA
• Turbo repair kits

Gasket kits, gaskets & seals

• Overhaul gasket kits (head and block)
Liner seal kits
• All kinds of gaskets
• Seal rings
• Hydraulic seal kits
• O-rings

General Parts

General Parts

1. Starting motors, alternators
2. Switches, gauges, indicators, sensors
3. Friction discs and plates
4. Universal joints
5. Damper discs
6. Floating seal groups
7. Spider fans
8. Air compressors
9. Vane pumps
10. Hydraulic pumps, steering pumps, tandem pumps
11. Control & steering valves
12. Booster assemblies
13. Brake linings
14. Transmission parts (gears, pinions)
15. Flywheel, steering, final drive, transmission miscellaneous parts
16. Recoil springs

Engine Range

Parts for Caterpillar®

D330/3, D342/3, D353, D398/9, 3024, 3044/6, 3054/6, 3064/6, 3114/6, 3126, 3176, 3196, 3204/8, 3304/6, 3406/8/12, 3508/12/16/20, C1.5, C2.2, C3.3, C4.4, C6.4, C6.6, C7, C7.1, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15, C16, C18

Parts for Komatsu®

NH220, NT855, 4D95, 6D95, 4D102, 6D102, 6D105, 6D107, 6D108, 6D110, 6D114, 6D125, 4D130, 6D140, 12D140, 6D155, 6D170, 8V170, 12V170

Parts for Cummins®

4B3.3, 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, L10, M11, N14, NH220, NT855, ISB, ISC, ISD, ISF, ISL, ISM, K19, K28, K50, KT1150, KT2300, KT3067, QSB, QSC, QSK, QSL, QSM, QST, QSX, QSV

Parts for Perkins®

3-CYLINDERS (A3, AT3, 403, 1103, 903), 4-CYLINDERS (A4, AT4, 404, 1004, 1104), 6-CYLINDERS (A6, AT6, 1006, 1106) 2200, 2300, 2500, 2800


Detroit Diesel® parts
John Deere® parts
Ford CNH® parts
Case-IH® parts
Iveco® parts
Volvo® parts (Developing)
Kobelco® parts (Developing)
Hino® parts (Developing)
Isuzu® parts (Developing)