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KMP Brand Quality Control

We know that customers and users demand high quality standards from their engine parts, therefore you would be pleased to know that we at KMP take our engine parts very seriously, in order to ensure all KMP Brand parts are of the premium quality. It is our pleasure to share some insights into our Quality Control Department based at KMP’s

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KMP Brand sensors, switches, solenoids & valves

KMP Far East has in stock a large range of KMP Brand Sensors, Switches, Solenoids & Valves, suitable for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins & Perkins applications. We understand that these components are critical for the machine’s proper functioning due to their important role in transmitting, relaying and acting on pieces of information during engine operation. We highly recommend customers to select only reliable

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KMP Engine Kits & Cylinder Kits

As we step into 2021, we would like to take the chance to showcase our popular KMP Brand engine kits and cylinder kits, built fully from KMP Brand premium engine components.  KMP Brand engine components are highly-regarded in the aftermarket diesel engine parts industry due to our premium quality, affordability, large range, ready inventory and great service.  KMP engine components

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