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New products – September 2021

We have continued to expand our range on KMP Brand Electrical Parts (Sensors, solenoids, valves, etc), Turbochargers, as well as Fuel Injection Parts. As always these parts are of reliable quality and competitively-priced.  Please check out some of these new items, with photos, in the attached newsletter here: KMP New Products – Sep 2021 If you have any enquiries on these

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New products – July 2021

KMPFE has added many new items to our range and stock over the first half of 2021. We would like to take this chance to introduce some of the more interesting parts which you might not be aware that are being distributed by us.  Injector nozzles, Piston cooling nozzles Fuel injector assemblies Rocker arm components – cross heads, full rocker arm

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KMP Brand Quality Control

We know that customers and users demand high quality standards from their engine parts, therefore you would be pleased to know that we at KMP take our engine parts very seriously, in order to ensure all KMP Brand parts are of the premium quality. It is our pleasure to share some insights into our Quality Control Department based at KMP’s

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