KMP Brand sensors, switches, solenoids & valves

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KMP Far East has in stock a large range of KMP Brand Sensors, Switches, Solenoids & Valves, suitable for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Cummins & Perkins applications.

We understand that these components are critical for the machine’s proper functioning due to their important role in transmitting, relaying and acting on pieces of information during engine operation. We highly recommend customers to select only reliable sources like KMP with proven quality standards.

Sensors pick up and relay critical information during engine operation. Common types of sensors include:
– Water temperature sensors, Oil temperature sensors
– Air pressure sensors, Oil pressure sensors, Fuel pressure sensors
– Speed sensors
– Position sensors

Switches & relays convert small electrical inputs into larger currents. There are various types of switches like Pressure switches, Oil level switches and Magnetic switches.

Solenoids & Valves are electrically controlled components which are used to shut off or release fluids within a system.

All KMP Brand Sensors, Switches, Solenoids & Valves are carefully engineered, assembled, and undergo 100% testing & inspection prior to sale. They are also competitively-priced to your requirements. 

We are continually expanding our coverage & product range to meet our customers’ needs across the region. As always, quality and reliability remains a top priority for all KMP Brand parts. 

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