KMP Brand Quality Control

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We know that customers and users demand high quality standards from their engine parts, therefore you would be pleased to know that we at KMP take our engine parts very seriously, in order to ensure all KMP Brand parts are of the premium quality.

It is our pleasure to share some insights into our Quality Control Department based at KMP’s head office in the UK. Check out some of the tasks we perform and equipment we use to maintain the excellent reputation of KMP Brand parts worldwide!

KMP Brand Quality Department has a library of several thousands of developed and approved drawings and samples which are frequently referred to, along with our extensive OEM Part Store. This ensures that all KMP Brand parts are manufactured to the correct specification.

Our department uses a selection of metrology techniques and equipment throughout the development and quality control process. Some of these include:
– X-ray fluorescence Analyzer
– Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
– Digital Microscope
– Mechanical Piston Ring Tester
– Digital micrometers
– Harness Tester
– Shadowgraph
– Shore Durometer
Download this newsletter to see photos and find our more about the above equipment: KMP Brand Quality Control

We hope this gives you a better understanding of what sets KMP Brand apart from the other brands in the market, and we trust this makes your decision to choose to use KMP Brand parts that much easier! Contact your sales representatives for any enquiries today!

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