General Parts


General Parts

Starting motors, alternators

Switches, gauges, indicators, sensors

Friction discs and plates

Extensive range of sizes, materials specs and groove designs

Universal joints

Spider & bearings, Assemblies (including yoke), Components and accessories

Damper discs

Floating seal groups

Cooling fan blade

Air compressors

Assemblies and repair components

Vane pump cartridge

Hydraulic pump, Steering pump, Tandem pump, Lift pump

Control valve, Steering valve, Booster assembly

Transmission & Clutch

Steering clutch, Main clutch, Flywheel clutch, Transmission, Final drive, Hydraulic cylinder - Gears, pinions, shafts, etc.​

Brake linings

Grease gun

Heavy duty, dual-piston, 600cc

Recoil springs

Miscellaneous parts

Wide range of miscellaneous wear parts including rod ends, bushings, bearings, etc.